We are a full service construction company founded in Sandpoint, Idaho circa 1995 by craftsman GREG DAVIS and real estate broker JEANIE DAVIS. The name of the company can be read in two ways:
1) homes are constructed as statements of our personal legacy 2) that we design/build for the appreciation of future generations.

Trained in separate but related fields of the North Idaho housing industry, we are multi-disciplinary with a healthy level of multi-personality. We don’t rely in mantras or manifestos, but in our ability to make our clients happy. Our passion is to translate our client’s ideas into lasting LEGACYS.

Founder / Owner
Co-founder of LEGACY, Greg Davis is a former member of the Timber Framers Guild of North America and is formally trained in timber frame and log home construction. Greg has roots in the Northwest as a talented artisan who stays true to the craftsman
tradition. Respected for his honest commitment to craft, Greg’s personal LEGACY can be seen in his long history of proud clients.
Founder / Owner / Broker
Originally from NYC, Jean Davis moved to Northwest in 1983. Co-founder of Legacy Construction, Jean is also owner of Hometown Real Estate located in Sandpoint Idaho. With over 20 years of construction management
and real-estate experience, Jean has coordinated an industry leading number of home sales and purchases. In an effort to educate and inform home builders and buyers, Jean curates a successful monthly real estate report which gives subscribers honest
advice and local real-estate consultation.



At LEGACY, we encourage creativity and inventiveness from our team of gifted craftsman. We are convinced the collaboration of talented people is the key to any successful project. We work closely with all parties involved including project architects, engineers, subcontractors, suppliers and designers. LEGACY has spent over 3 decades cultivating relationships with talented building professionals in the Northwest and across the country.

From small remodels to expansive estates, we approach each project with the same goals: to produce exactly what the client wants, on time, and on budget. We do this with constant communication and transparency of all service cost. We are an advocate for our clients, using our expertise to help navigate through the (sometimes daunting) building process.

LEGACY supports the use of local resources and promotes environmentally safe building materials. LEGACY aims to challenge, provoke and inspire our clients to consider the home building process in a new way.



Full-service residential construction with specialization in custom homes, timber frame construction, and log homes.

Construction Management

Real estate brokering in Idaho and Western Montana. (for a quick link to our real estate division visit DreamIdaho.com)

Construction Consultation

Building Cost Estimation



We are happy to talk to you about your future building project, local real estate, or general construction inquires. Please contact us here to set up a consultation meeting or to send us your questions.